2017 Swim Meet Schedule

The Jefferson Swim League runs a six-week regular season that culminates in a championship meet involving all the teams in the JSL. The regular season meets always begin at 6 pm; they usually conclude at around 9 or 10, depending on the sizes of the teams. Meets are always on a Wednesday night. This year, the Killer Whales will swim in Division II of the JSL, and our season will look like this:

Weds., 6/14: GOST at KWC (home meet)
Weds., 6/21: Hollymead at KWC (home meet)
Weds., 6/28: KWC @ City (home meet)
Weds., 7/5: KWC @ Farmington (home meet)
Weds., 7/11: FAST @ Key West Club (home meet)
Weds., 7/19: KWC @ Lake Monticello (home meet)

Champs is scheduled for Friday, 7/28 and Saturday, 7/29.

Please keep in mind that it is not required that swimmers attend every meet; we understand that families have other summer commitments. However, we do strongly, strongly encourage swimmers to participate in Champs! It's fun, and a real learning and growth experience for young people.