Board of Directors

Every fall, at our annual meeting, we elect volunteers from our membership to serve on the Board of Directors. Board members then vote on the Executive Board positions. We encourage all members to consider volunteering to serve on the Board.

2017 Executive Board

  • President: Mary Moody
  • Vice President: David Blaine
  • Secretary: Peff King
  • Treasurer:  Steve Engel
  • Member-at-Large: Natasha Heny
  • Member-at-Large: Jane Shaw

Committee Chairs

  • Building & Grounds: Margie Hobson, Peff King
  • Membership: Claire Chantell
  • Swim Team Coordinator: Alison Baumann
  • Jefferson Swim League (JSL) Representative: Claire Chantell
  • Tennis Team Coordinator: Lindsay Evans
  • Communications: Robert Viccellio