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Key West Club Rules and Policies

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The following rules are for the benefit and protection of all members. Parents are requested to instruct their children and sitters to observe all rules and obey the instructions of the Pool Manager and lifeguarding staff. Failure to comply may result in suspension of membership privileges.


The Board of Directors has continuing responsibility for setting policies and for matters not directly handled by the Pool Manager and lifeguarding staff. The Manager and staff have authority over the facilities at all times and are responsible for enforcement of rules and regulations. Members and guests are expected to show proper respect for the staff. 

General Pool Rules

1. Lifeguards have authority over the pool and pool area at all times; all members are expected to follow their instructions promptly and without argument.

2. Only lifeguards are allowed in the lifeguard stand.

3. Please do not speak to the lifeguard in the stand unless there is an immediate safety issue; for all other questions, please seek out an alternate lifeguard.

4. Anyone disregarding a lifeguard’s instructions will be warned. Anyone continuing to behave inappropriately after one warning will be asked to leave the pool area and may lose pool privileges for period of time to be determined by the Manager.

5. Upon arrival, members and guests must sign in using the entry book; members must pay any guest fees at the Snack Shack immediately after signing in.

6. No running, pushing, acrobatics, wrestling, horseplay, or unnecessary disturbances are permitted in or around the pool.

7. Inner tubes and rafts are not permitted in the pool.

8. Parents of younger children and/or of children who are not yet competent swimmers may use arm floaties, swim vests, and learn-to-swim floatation aids, but these devices are no guarantee against drowning. Parents and guardians of these children should closely supervise their children in the pool at all times.

9. Children must be at least ten years old and pass the swim test to come to the pool without a guardian.

10. There will be a ten-minute break every hour for everyone under sixteen years of age. During this time, those who are sixteen and older may swim or dive at their own risk. Children under the age of sixteen must be completely out of the water.

11. No food, chewing gum, or beverages allowed in, or immediately adjacent to, the pool(s).

12. Glass items are not permitted inside the pool gates.

13. Smoking is not permitted within the pool gates or on the tennis courts. Please be courteous.

14. Please cover chairs and lounges with a towel to protect them from sunscreen and sweat.


1. Parents/guardians must closely supervise their children in the baby pool area; there is NEVER a lifeguard supervising this area.

2. Children who aren’t toilet trained must wear swim diapers at all times while inside the pool gates.

3. Children over five are not permitted in the baby pool.


1. Children must pass the swim test in order to use the diving well without guardian supervision.

2. Only one person is permitted on the diving board at any time.

3. Only one bounce is permitted before diving.

4. Dive off the front of the board only; do not dive to either side.

5. Swim to the side of the pool immediately after diving.

6. Do not hang on the diving board.

7. Do not dive off the board until the person who dove before you is safely to the side of the pool.

8. The Diving Area may not be used simultaneously for diving and games (e.g., Sharks and Minnows).

9. Do not swim in the diving area while the board is in use.

10. When water is being added to fill the pool, do not play with either the water or the spigot.

11. Lifeguards may close the diving area at their discretion.


1. Children who aren’t toilet trained must wear swim diapers at all times while inside the pool gates.

2. Please use the toilet facilities before entering the pools. Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children make appropriate use of the facilities at the pool.

3. Please avoid entering the pool immediately after applying sunscreen; doing so reduces the protection provided by the sunscreen and fouls the pool water.

4. Please clean dirt and grass from your feet before entering the pool.

5. A complete shower is requested for all persons who are unusually dirty or sweaty.

6. A complete shower is REQUIRED for anyone coming from a visit to the river; please thoroughly rinse your bathing suits as well.


The swim test consists of swimming, without stopping, one length of the pool, then treading water for one minute. The swimmer must also demonstrate that he/she can jump from the diving board and swim to the ladder. This test must be observed by a lifeguard, at a time when the lifeguard is available to evaluate the swimmer. Names of those who pass the swim test will be recorded in the Snack Shack.


1. A Club Member must accompany daily guests.

2. Daily guests may visit not more than twice per month.

3. Members under the age of 14 may not bring guests to the Pool.

4. Teen Members may not bring guests to the Pool.

5. Manager may refuse to admit a guest at his/her discretion.

6. All guests must agree to be bound by the Rules, Releases of Liability, and Deemed Consent as required of each Member.


1. Members are permitted inside the Snack Shack area ONLY in emergency situations.

2. No one is permitted to sit on the counter ledge.

3. No tabs are allowed.

4. Change is limited; please use small bills.

5. Snack Shack is typically open during pool operating hours until one-half hour before closing; however, availability may vary at the discretion of the lifeguards, whose primary responsibility is swimmer safety.


Members may designate a sitter who will bring the Member’s children to the Club, with no charge for the sitter; sitters must be at least 14 years of age and must maintain responsibility for the children in their care at all times. Sitters may not bring guests of their own to the Club. All sitters must agree to be bound by the Rules, Releases of Liability, and Deemed Consent as required of each Member.


Weekly houseguest passes are available for purchase. This pass allows all members of the visiting family to use the Club facility for seven consecutive days. Houseguests do not need to be accompanied by the hosting member. All guests must agree to be bound by the Rules, Releases of Liability, and Deemed Consent as required of each Member.


Members may see the Pool Manager to discuss or arrange a rental of the raised deck. To rent deck, a Member must be listed as the responsible party; all guests must agree to be bound by the Rules, Releases of Liability, and Deemed Consent as required of each Member.


1. ADULTS HAVE PRIORITY AFTER 5 PM. An adult may bump juniors after that time.

2. Tennis shoes and proper etiquette is required. Tennis attire is suggested.

3. Availability of courts may be limited during junior practice, group instruction and special events.

4. All spectators on deck must sit quietly and watch. No horse playing or distractions PLEASE!

5. Skate boards, roller blades, bicycles and roller skates are not permitted on the courts


THANK YOU for keeping the Key West Club a safe and fun experience for all!