Guest & Sitter Policies

As a member of the Key West Club, you can invite friends and family to join you poolside--all it takes is the purchase of a Daily Guest Pass or a Houseguest Pass. Daily Guest passes can be purchased individually ($3 per guest) or as a set of 10 (the "ten-punch pass," $25). Members must accompany their Daily Guests to the Club; please remember to pay your guest fees (or get your ten-punch pass punched) upon signing in at the pool. Your daily guests may not visit more than twice per month; if they love the Club more than that, encourage them to get a membership (and you can collect the referral bonus!). 

Houseguests may use Club facilities unaccompanied by their Member hosts. 

Members may designate a Sitter who can bring the Member's children to the Club at no extra charge. Sitters must be at least 14 years of age and must maintain control of the children in their care at all times. 

Members under the age of 14, Sitters, and Teen Members may not bring guests to the pool. All guests and sitters must agree to be bound by the Rules, Releases of Liability, and Deemed Consent as required of each Member.