Mille Grazie...

Quick question: what does the following list of names have in common?

  • Fred & Margy Diehl-Hobson
  • John Pratt
  • Bill & Janine Russell
  • The Batts
  • Fred & Duncan Miller
  • The Hamiltons
  • Stephanie Lowenhaupt
  • The Scholes's
  • The Hudspeths
  • The Mowbrys
  • The Chantell-D'Erricos
  • The Ratliffs
  • The Blaines
  • The Oldhams
  • The Bollingers
  • Libby Gretz & Steve Blank
  • Sam Crowell
  • Morgen Leake
  • Tom Martin
  • The Dubes
  • Cara Metcalf
  • Mark Moody
  • The James-Kings
  • The Tuckers
  • Gerry Savage
  • Josh Baumann
  • The Roethlisberger-Capobiancos


Did you guess it? These are the names of the individuals and families (in no particular order) who gave up part of a sunny Sunday in April or May and attended a work party to contribute their labor and time to do one of the myriad jobs that are necessary to get the facility ship-shape for opening on Memorial Day weekend. (They're also each going to receive a 10-punch guest pass as thanks for their work!) The Key West Club has not raised membership fees for the past three years (at least!) and one of the reasons we're able to keep the Club relatively affordable (as private swim and tennis clubs go) is the fact that so much of the labor that goes into maintenance and innovation is DONATED and VOLUNTARY.  Our esteemed Board President Dennis Roethlisberger very much wants to commend the folks who contributed and also to list the jobs that were done during the Work Parties:

Rake Leaves; Redistribute gravel pushed aside by snow plow; Paint Bridge; Clean out shelter; Paint round tables; Weed kill parking areas; Remove weeds from fence line; Remove water and clean hot tub; Install lockers in ladies room; Prepare thermal blanket; Assemble tile at bathroom entrances; Restore drinking fountain to operation; Modify fence to allow leaf discharge; Pressure wash wood deck and concrete deck; Replace, paint and trim bathroom ceilings; Lubricate and lower deck anchors; Haul old, frozen paint and trash to dumpster; Regrade roadway gravel; Clean refrigerators; Measure pool cover for replacement and remove; Replace plywood roof and re-shingle bathroom extension; Repair frost-broken piping in numerous locations; Paint wood deck and railing; Paint step edges; Clean furniture; Clean grills; Replace toilets and/or valves; Paint shelter deck; Create and install diving well bench; Renovate Snack Shack; Tennis court preparation.

Phew! And that's just what had to be done in April and May! We're not even going to talk about what goes on during the off-season, and during the season itself, to maintain our lovely facility! (Hint: those sweaty sunburned men you see tinkering with the mechanical guts of the hot tub on a hot July day are NOT paid employees!)