Is My Child Ready?

The Jefferson Swim League requires that swimmers be at least 5 years old on June 1 of the competition year in order to swim in JSL meets. In the interest of safety, a child must be able to swim freestyle unassisted for 25 yards before competing in a JSL meet. The Key West Club will consider allowing children who are not 5 years old by June 1 to join the team and participate in practices, but swim team is not a swim lessons program; if your child does not know how to swim or cannot swim without physical assistance in the water, swim lessons will be recommended instead. If you're not sure where your child falls on this continuum, Coach Eric can observe your child and consult with you.

Transition to Swim Team

For those children who want to participate on the swim team but are still a bit apprehensive or not quite ready, we offer a “Transition to Swim Team Program.” The Transition program will introduce swimmers to the basic skills necessary to swim competitively, but in a more relaxed practice environment with more individualized coaching. Emphasis will be placed on developing each child so he or she can swim with confidence. The program will run from May 30-June 8, M/T/W/Th from 4:30-5. We will limit the program to 15 swimmers so that each child gets enough attention; the fee is $30 per swimmer. If after the program ends, the swimmer is ready to  transition to the regular swim team, then the fee will be credited towards their Swim Team registration fee. If the child is not ready, parents can discuss the option of continued swim lessons from one of our swim coaches.

If you have any questions or you wish to register your swimmer in this program, please contact Coach Eric at