Pizza News!

Just wanted to let the membership know that Fabio's NY Pizza has begun delivery service to the Key West Club! Their phone number is 872-0070, and we have menus at the Snack Shack. You can also view their menu online. We hope you'll choose Fabio's for your poolside pizza, so that they see the value in offering delivery service to us and continue to do it in the future!

Thunder Breaks

The Key West Club follows local and national safety standards in regards to lightning. Our lifeguards are instructed to clear the pools and hot tub upon hearing thunder or seeing lightning, and these areas must remained cleared for at least thirty minutes following the latest sighting/hearing; no one can be in the water or near the edge of the pool. 

Guest & Sitter Policies

As a member of the Key West Club, you can invite friends and family to join you poolside--all it takes is the purchase of a Daily Guest Pass or a Houseguest Pass. Daily Guest passes can be purchased individually ($3 per guest) or as a set of 10 (the "ten-punch pass," $25). Members must accompany their Daily Guests to the Club; please remember to pay your guest fees (or get your ten-punch pass punched) upon signing in at the pool.

Tennis Lessons

Individual and group tennis lessons are available from local tennis teaching pro Tom Langford. Tom is PTR-certified in Junior Development with experience teaching at Glenmore Country Club; he has assisted some of the top local tennis coaches. He can be contacted at or 540-850-3979.

Tennis Lesson Rates

Tom's rates are on par with rates charged by area tennis professionals; we offer a discounted rate for children who are registered for the Junior Tennis Team. 

Tennis Practice Schedule

The schedule below is subject to some minor changes, depending on how many participants we end up with. We are committed to coordinating our tennis and swim schedules so that kids can participate in both if they wish; thus there is a gap of 20-30 minutes between the end of a particular age group's swim practice and the start of that age group's tennis practice, so that kids can change clothes and get ready.

Practices are held M/T/W/F. Thursdays are match days; there is no practice on Thursdays except for the 5-6 age group.

8:45-9:15 am          5-6 year olds

Suits & Gear

The "official" Key West Killer Whale swimsuits are the same as last year--the Speedo Scoubidou in black and white. We try not to change suits every year because of the expense.

If you do want to find a Speedo Scoubidou for your child, you may have to search a bit--our team store at will not have many sizes in stock. I did some searching online to find other online stores that might have this suit, and I list those stores below: