Summer Swim Team Updates

It was so nice to see new faces and old at the Swim/Tennis Potluck! If you didn't make it, never fear--just read on for the information you need about practices, registration, etc.!

  • After-school practices will begin May 20th; these practices will be dry-land workouts if the water temp is too cool.
  • Regular season practices will begin June 13th.
  • On-line registration will be up and running soon--watch your email for an update!
  • The JSL has announced the 2013 meet schedule: the first meet takes place on Weds., 6/12. The last meet is scheduled for Weds., 7/17.  (Our meet schedule can be found online.)
  • Champs is scheduled for 7/26 & 7/27 at the UVa’s Aquatics Center.
  • We are going to need your help! We really want to make our post-meet celebrations and other social events fun this year—Caylee and Leigh Ann will be looking for parents to help with planning and executing these events.
  • Also, as usual we’ll need folks to do volunteer jobs during the meets, including some of the more “skilled” positions (like Starter, Head Timer, Stroke & Turn Judge). The JSL requires these skilled volunteers to participate in a training session usually held at Farmington Country Club in late May.